Saturday, February 21, 2009

How do you want to be remembered?

A woman without perfume is a woman easily forgotten. 

Have you ever stumbled across a scent that reminded you of your first love, the house you grew up in, or the semester you spent in Italy? Besides completing a look and making you smell nice, perfumes also envoke powerful memories. So when you choose a new perfume, its also important to think about how you'd like to be remembered years from now because chances are- the perfume you are chosing today will create scent memories for years to come. 

Are you a light, airy, flowery girl- or do you prefer warmer musk tones? Your choice of scent could also depend on the seasons as well- some women prefer to have a few different scents for different times of the year. 

Here are a few of my favorite scents:

Givenchy's Hot Couture: 
This has been my signature scent since my Freshman year in college. There is really no other perfume that smells anything like Hot Couture, and I've only known of two other people to wear it (its hard to find and Givenchy's prone to 'discontinue' it for a few years every now and then--- but you can always find a bottle).  It's a delightful mix of both floral and musk at the same time-- with upper notes of vanilla and lower tones of amber and jasmine. Delicious! 

I have had a scent crush on Lolita Lempicka for as long as I can remember, but I've never bought a bottle. The packaging is so sweet and feminine, and the perfume is a blend of ivy leaves, delicate violet, and iris root with a hint of vanilla and musk. It's very flirty and light, and reminds me of something Betsey Johnson might wear while vacationing at her beach house, Betseyville- (

Valentino's Rock n Rose
 would have been perfect for female
 guests of Michael Saylor's Washington DC's Rocktoberfest blowout, where guests were dressed as rockers, roadies, and "band-aids."  This scent always reminds me of my best friend Jenny- who always knows of the hottest off the radar bands. Try it- maybe it will bring out the rocker in you! 

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