Saturday, May 2, 2009

My Life Mission Statement

Our government has one, Stephen Covey has one, and after 3 hours and 29 crumpled pieces of pink paper, I do too. It still probably needs work, but for now it will do. 

To live a purposeful, principle-centered life guided by my Christian faith and articulated by clear goals. These goals will be accomplished through a well-thought out, running plan suited to my strengths and weaknesses.  The daily execution of this plan will allow me the freedom to live a content, healthy existence while passionately pursuing my dreams. I will gain an optimally functioning life and the capability to inspire, encourage, and energize those in my circle of influence, ultimately leaving a lasting and measurable positive impact on my community. 

Homeade Pizza

In my journey of learning to cook, I'm not sure anything I've made is quite as easy and satisfying as a homeade pizza. It takes around 5 minutes to craft your perfect pie, and not long to cook. I use pre-made Boboli pizza crusts, through on some toppings, bake, and presto! A perfectly delicious and fulfilling one dish wonder to impress your friends and family (or just yourself- making a personal pan pizza might just be one solution to that dreaded "cooking for one" problem I think we all experience at one time or another). 

My favorite pizzas include: 
Pepperoni with premade sauce and mozzarella cheese
BBQ chicken with bbq sauce and the addition of red onions and cilantro
Pesto sauce and banana peppers (inspired by my friend Kasey- she's a great cook)

Be sure to drizzle olive oil on your crusts and cheese before baking, and enhance the final product's flavor with some sprinkled parmesan. 

The Coolest 15 Year Old on the Block

Alright, George Sampson is officially my hero. This adorable mini Justin Timberlake danced his way right into Simon Cowell's heart last year on Britain's Got Talent, taking the top honor and becoming an unstoppable force ever since.

He literally made it rain on the during his "Singing in the Rain" routine with a creative idea to have a simulated rain storm onstage.  I have absolutely no idea how the designers did this, but it sure was neat! 
Once you hear his story, you just can't help but root for him.  Check him out if you haven't already!