Saturday, May 2, 2009

Homeade Pizza

In my journey of learning to cook, I'm not sure anything I've made is quite as easy and satisfying as a homeade pizza. It takes around 5 minutes to craft your perfect pie, and not long to cook. I use pre-made Boboli pizza crusts, through on some toppings, bake, and presto! A perfectly delicious and fulfilling one dish wonder to impress your friends and family (or just yourself- making a personal pan pizza might just be one solution to that dreaded "cooking for one" problem I think we all experience at one time or another). 

My favorite pizzas include: 
Pepperoni with premade sauce and mozzarella cheese
BBQ chicken with bbq sauce and the addition of red onions and cilantro
Pesto sauce and banana peppers (inspired by my friend Kasey- she's a great cook)

Be sure to drizzle olive oil on your crusts and cheese before baking, and enhance the final product's flavor with some sprinkled parmesan. 

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